6 Cash Flow Strategies to help you
find new money in your business…

Profit Number First

Simplify Your Financials

Staff Utilization

Your business needs a steady flow of cash in order to operate smoothly. Grab my top tips for managing and maximizing your cash flow.

Fact: Every business, regardless of size, industry, or finances is dependent on cash.

Even if your business is profitable; if you are consistently dealing with cash flow problems
you’re consistently struggling.

We use these exact cash flow strategies with our clients to ensure they stay cash flow positive.

Erica Sell
Owner of Harmony Home Medical

“After just 90 days, I have so much clarity on which revenue streams are the most profitable and which products my team should be focusing on selling the most. Thanks to the help of Andrea and her team, I know exactly what I need to do to reach my sales goals, and I’m excited to continue working with them now that we’re in full swing! “

Hi! My name is Andrea Jenson, and I run a company called The Cash Flow CFO.

We teach scaling business owners how to make smart financial decisions based on data so they can put more of their hard-earned profits into their pocket!
Our perfect client loves the idea of having a financial roadmap that eliminates unnecessary expenses, identifies the best price points for their products and services, and determines & monitors the KPIs that position them to scale faster.
Prior to opening our firm, we ran the finance departments for some of the largest companies in the world. Today, our virtual team of CPAs and CFOs, as well as accounting and bookkeeping experts, empower small business owners just like you to make big leaps that help them maximize profitability and scale with confidence.

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