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Episode 9: CFO Coffee Talk: Financial Roadmap ft. Marla Reynolds, and Jess Buzzell

Episode 9: CFO Coffee Talk: Financial Roadmap ft. Marla Reynolds, and Jess Buzzell

“I know that where we are right now in the new year, we’re smack in January and it’s a perfect time to have this conversation. Because a financial roadmap is something that’s going to set up your business for the rest of the year, for the remaining 11 months.

So, you’ll build this in January and you’ll refer to it as you continue on through the rest of the year.”

  • Andrea Jenson

Welcome to a brand-new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. I’m thrilled to have two of our excellent CFOs join me for our “CFO Coffee Talk” today. I want to introduce Marla Reynolds, and Jess Buzzell who will join us for the first time for a Coffee Talk.

Today, we’ll talk about financial roadmaps, including what they are, what they signify for your business, and how much they will make your life much easier. These roadmaps, also known as strategic financial plans, are crucial for coordinating objectives since they inform stakeholders about longer-term financial results. In this episode, Andrea, Marla, and Jess will discuss the financial roadmaps they are generating for their clients and how to plan a revenue target to develop a financial roadmap.

Join us to learn more!

“We’re with some of them (clients) that are further along now in their journey with us. We’ve had the data now to look back at the historical data that we’ve collected, and now we can improve upon that for the future years and the longer-term strategy.

So, we’re just constantly refining that business model and that recipe and making it better. 

And it’s just super exciting.”

  • Marla Reynolds

Financial Roadmap as a Recipe for Success

For businesses, a financial roadmap is a crucial tool. Companies can use it to track progress and spot possible issues because it gives a clear and comprehensive snapshot of the company’s financial condition and future possibilities. Achieving financial success can be challenging. But Jess genuinely believes that a corporation or organization needs to concentrate on its financial roadmap because she knows, based on experience, that this is the secret to success. To succeed in the long run, your company must overcome many financial obstacles. But we can address these difficulties, and the company can experience financial stability and expansion with a solid financial roadmap.

“And us being able to have them focus on what are your long-term goals? What are your long-term plans? Let’s make sure you meet these, kind of bring them back, right? Like,

“Hey, hey, that’s awesome, but let’s focus on your financial roadmap because we know that this is the recipe for success.”

So that’s something that I’ve noticed has been really helpful actually I’ve had a couple of my clients come right out and say that like,

“Oh, thank you so much for bringing me back, that’s why we have you.”

  • Jess Buzzell

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