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Our Results

Our Results

Read some of the transformational results we’ve helped achieve for our clients.

Read some of the transformational results we’ve helped achieve for our clients.

Jennifer Morris
Founder of J. Morris Flowers 

I am extremely impressed with my CFO’s knowledge and capabilities. The Cash Flow CFO team works extremely hard for us. Arturo is always organized, meets deadlines and always is professional and helpful. And fun to work with – hilarious. Our biweekly meetings are invaluable. On top of that, the deep dive work that has been done to uncover issues, fix problems, study margins, reduce costs, optimize staff utilization, create projections and not only suggest, but execute strategies is unmatched. The team knows intimately where we are right now financially and what we need to do to scale our business step-by-step. I can’t say enough good things. We are meeting and exceeding our goals together. We receive advice and insights that really help us make informed decisions with clear numbers and data. And we love the dashboard! I would definitely recommend The Cash Flow CFO team to other businesses.”

Jennifer Orechwa
COO of Projections Inc.

“The Cash Flow CFO has been an invaluable part of our business journey. They helped me gain clarity around exactly what we needed to do to position our company for an acquisition offer. But beyond that, they helped us implement those recommendations and truly provided forward-thinking financial advice. When the time came to sell, we literally couldn’t have done it without the insight and advice of The Cash Flow CFO. Andrea and team, thank you for all you’ve done to support us. Working with you was one of the best decisions we made in our business – I only wish we could go back in time and find you earlier in our journey!”

Robert J McCarthy
CEO of R McCarthy Consulting, Inc

“I am the CEO of an engineering consulting firm based in Newport Beach, California. In January 2020 it became apparent that we needed additional assistance with the financial side of the business. Through an Allison Maslan event, we were introduced to Andrea Jenson’s Cash Flow CFO team. Based on our initial introduction and some follow up get-to-know each other discussions, I came to the conclusion that Andrea’s team would be a good fit to supplement our operational needs and goals. I did not regret my decision and continue to benefit from their advice and input. They generously offered insight, motivation and strategy that led to immediate and on-going improvements to our company. We find them to be well-staffed, knowledgeable, efficient and organized. We highly recommend their services to other organizations like ours that are looking for CFO assistance.”

“I just want to take a quick minute and share my amazing experience with Andrea Jenson. Obviously she’s smart when it comes to money, but more importantly, of all the vendors we have she’s probably the one I trust the most. I trust her with opinion, I trust her judgment and I always feel like she’s looking out for my best interest. Andrea charges not a small amount but a fair amount, and I have found her to always go above and beyond.”

Erica Sell
Owner of Harmony Home Medical

“After just 90 days, I have so much clarity on which revenue streams are the most profitable and which products my team should be focusing on selling the most. Thanks to the help of Andrea and her team, I know exactly what I need to do to reach my sales goals, and I’m excited to continue working with them now that we’re in full swing! “

Michelle McFarland
CEO of The Wedding Shoppe

“I’ve been with Andrea Jenson for a couple of years now and LOVE HER and her team. She does all my bookkeeping and offers CFO insights I wouldn’t have considered on my own. They helped me navigate the PPP (both rounds) and the forgiveness process. It’s a weight off my shoulders and I’m so grateful to have her on my team!”

Julie Gallivan
CEO of I Make Great Decisions

“Clarity of the numbers is the heart and soul of running my business. Over the years, I have invested incredible amounts of time and energy to attempt to bring my numbers to a level of clarity and consistent operational organization, never getting to the level that I believe is necessary in order to run my business to it’s maximum potential and become a true growth model. I’ve worked on it myself and hired employees or other companies and nobody was able to help me bring it to the level that I choose.

“The Cash Flow CFO has come in and taken my numbers system to a truly stellar level of clarity and operational efficiency that is what I’ve always wanted for my business, clearing the pathway for true growth and scaling. Now I have the confidence of knowing that the systems for knowing (and growing!) my numbers are not only stable and efficient, but they are able to grow with me. I have reclaimed incredible amounts of time, energy, and mental space to direct to other aspects of growing my business. Both myself and my COO agree that hiring The Cash Flow CFO is one of the best business decisions we’ve made!”

Stephanie Nivinskus
CEO of SizzleForce Marketing, Inc.

“Andrea, YOU have changed my life! It still boggles my mind knowing you transformed me from a woman who hated numbers and hid from them at every turn to a woman who is actually eager to see the numbers and make strategic decisions based on data. Thank you for teaching me and being sooooo patient with my long learning curve! If you can make me like numbers, you can make ANYONE like them!”