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Episode 1: What is a CFO?

Episode 1: What is a CFO?



“Imagine that you’re the business owner, and you’re driving down the road in your car. Sitting in the backseat behind you looking out the rear view window of your car is your bookkeeper, your accountant, and your tax preparer. They’re looking at historical data. They’re telling you where you went, how much you spent, and they have a historical viewpoint of the business’s activities. Sitting in the front seat next to you, the business owner who’s driving the car is your CFO. They’re looking out the front windshield telling you what’s coming up, how to plan, and how to be profitable.”

  • Andrea Jenson

Hello and welcome to The Cash Flow CFO Podcast, hosted by Andrea Jenson from The Cash Flow CFO. This is the show that explores the financial side of running a business for people who want to maximize profitability and scale with confidence. If you want to make smart financial decisions based on data and put more of your hard-earned profits into your pocket, this is the podcast for you!



In today’s episode, Andrea takes the time to break down exactly what a CFO is, why you need one in your business, what they do, and all the technical terminology related to their position within a business. CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer, and they are the highest level financial executive in your company. They are responsible for the overall financial strategy, cash flow, and financial planning.



As a part of going over the day-to-day operations of a CFO, Andrea explains that they regularly work at streamlining your financial processes and strategies. That means they will ensure that you have the right people in the right places and that you’re paying them the correct amount for the role they are supporting the business within. They will also look at how each team member contributes to the overall big vision for the business.



To learn more about what a CFO is and does, check out this episode of The Cash Flow CFO Podcast!




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