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Episode 15: Why You Should Hire a Fractional CFO ft. Ann Campeau

Episode 15: Why You Should Hire a Fractional CFO ft. Ann Campeau

I think that’s also one of the components that make people shy away from bringing in a financial professional. They think, “Oh, they’re going to speak in all this technical jargon that I’m not going to understand as a business owner.”

Or maybe they feel like, “I don’t want to feel stupid, I’m really smart, so how can I feel so stupid when it comes to my numbers?”


  • Andrea Jenson


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Joining me today is Ann Campeau from Strut Bridal Salon and Garnet & Grace Bridal Boutique. Anne started her own bridal salon 14 years ago and has grown it to four sites in Arizona and California.

We’ll discuss a variety of topics, including what Ann discovered about the financial world that she hadn’t known before and the secret to operating a prosperous business. Ann has managed the company for the past 14 years, during which time there have been numerous proud successes, memorable events, and milestones. Along the way, there have also been a lot of difficulties and failures.

In this episode, we’ll also highlight how frequently they utilize cash flow forecasts in their businesses, Ann’s advice for folks who feel incompetent when it comes to business numbers, her tips for a business owner who wants to go to the seven- and eight-figure range, and much more!

Join us to learn the whole story!


“One of the things entrepreneurs worry about is the cost of hiring an expert and sometimes you have to ask, what’s the cost of not hiring an expert, right? That’s really an important number to at least think about and there are ranges of hiring. You can hire somebody who’s super high level and that might cost you a lot.

Or like I said, I have a logo designer who charges me 200 bucks and I only need files from him once in a while. And that is a really easy expense. But I know I’m getting quality work and I am only paying when I need it.”


  • Ann Campeau

Why You Should Hire a Fractional CFO


While businesses can handle their accounts independently, employing a part-time CFO is a great choice. An outsourced CFO or a fractional CFO is part-time or temporary financial expert firms hire to oversee their finances. These experts concentrate exclusively on the vital fields of accounting and finance. Andrea’s service was created in a fractional capacity because most business owners don’t have the funds or need for a full-time CFO. Hence, the Cash Flow CFO enters the picture. They can offer speedy analysis and valuable financial data that keep organizations operating and expanding. Employing a fractional CFO will be advantageous regardless of how big or how little your business is. You can expand your company by addressing specific financial difficulties with their help.


“Our service was born in a fractional capacity because most business owners between the 1 and 10 million don’t have a budget for a full-time CFO, nor do they need a full-time CFO.

So that’s where we come in. We’re able to at a fractional level, provide that quick insight, actionable financial information that keeps them going and growing their businesses.”


  • Andrea Jenson


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