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Episode 20: Advantages of Working from Home for Employers and Employees ft. Shaun Enders

Episode 20: Advantages of Working from Home for Employers and Employees ft. Shaun Enders

“Retaining employees that you might have not been able to keep before had you not embraced this new model [is an asset]. It costs so much. I don’t think business owners realize the cost to attract, train, onboard, a new team member vs. the cost that you don’t incur when you’re just able to keep those good “A” players on your team.”

  • Andrea Jenson

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Joining me today is Shaun Enders from Transition Staffing Company, a full-service recruitment agency that offers clients coast-to-coast coverage for IT, Accounting, and Finance positions. Sean has had a firm for the past 17 years, and for the past three years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Sean. It has been amazing to see his rapid development and all of his professional and personal successes.

One of the things we’ll cover is the most remarkable lessons Shaun learned along the way of running his own business. One of your life’s best and most enjoyable experiences will surely be running your own business. But in addition to the accomplishments, money, and high fives of joy, there have also been tears, doubts, and lessons learned.

In this episode, Shaun discusses the moment he decided to grow his firm, the time he saw his business would profit from hiring a CFO, and the advantages of working from home.

Join us to learn the whole story!

“Sometimes you’re living somebody else’s idea of success, right? We see Inc. Magazine or we’ll see, for bigger companies, Forbes or Fortune, and you just see success happening in the business realm. And so, you just go,

“Oh, well I want that.”

But, number one, why do you want that? Have a clear vision of what that is.”

  • Shaun Enders

Advantages of Working from Home for Employers and Employees

Working from home offers many advantages to employees, including increased flexibility and no commute. Employees might be happier with this remote working arrangement, but companies might also greatly benefit from it. Companies prefer a work-from-home arrangement for various reasons, including decreased overhead expenses, enhanced employee morale, and increased productivity.

Staying competitive requires allowing employees to work from home. Many job seekers may expect this as more firms start to permit entirely or at least partially remote work situations.

Employers may wish to introduce some form of remote work option for their business to retain their present employees and draw in the top talent. While many jobs require you to work in an office setting, there are many others that you can perform entirely from home.

“I think as a lot of companies move to a more hybrid model of having remote team members. Services like ours keep your employment numbers low, right?

So, you’re not paying all those extra fees, office overhead is also one that you don’t have to incur. And, having a company like ours we’re already dialed into the remote model. It gives you that peace of mind that you’re not trying to train somebody to do something that’s not natural to them.”

  • Andrea Jenson

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