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Episode 23: A Path to Entrepreneurship Success ft. John Kepley

Episode 23: A Path to Entrepreneurship Success ft. John Kepley


“I think it’s super important as entrepreneurs to understand where your skills are and where your weaknesses are, right?

And surround yourself with, the complimentary, the people that are going to make the company whole.”


 – Andrea Jenson


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Joining me today is John Kepley, an award-winning entrepreneur with a 20-year track record of founding several businesses and products. In 2016, John left his most successful business, TechNet, Inc., and established Handshake Investments as a holding company. John has also been a member of the EO Entrepreneur organization for 13 years. From 2016 to 2017, he served as president of the organization’s Nashville chapter.

One of the things we’ll cover is finding your tribe in entrepreneurship. Particularly in online communities, joining a tribe or founding one has become an infinite possibility. Every type of community is present here. In particular, business tribes and communities are crucial for your growth since you gain access to help and resources.

In this episode, we’ll talk about John’s entrepreneurial experience, if he ever sought erroneous metrics that failed to advance the business and the similarities he notices across companies with revenues between $3 – $6 million, and much more!

Join us to learn the whole story!


“I do subscribe to the fact that I work on my strengths. I don’t try to work on my weaknesses anymore. I realize who I am. I’m proud of that today, more so than I’ve ever been. And I go, you know what?

I’m just going to be me. Right? And that’s okay. That’s my skill set. I’m going to amplify that skillset and then go from there.”


 – John Kepley


A Path to Entrepreneurship Success


It can be tempting to give your business your all as an entrepreneur. However, performing each work only halfway well is a curse rather than a compliment. Would you purposefully employ someone who could only do their job 1/2 well?

According to Andrea, you are much more satisfied and joyful when you spend time doing what you intend to be doing. That permeates all of your interactions in the company, including your ties with clients and vendors.

“We don’t have to be experts at everything”,

says, Andrea.


“When you spend your time doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you are a lot more content and happy, and I think that really permeates through all of the different interactions that you have in the business.

All of your different client relationships, vendor relationships, everything, right? So, I think there’s a lot of truth to that. And also, we don’t have to be great at everything. Whoever said that they did not have your best interest at heart.”


 – Andrea Jenson


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