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Episode 25: Inspiring the Next Wave of Female Entrepreneurs ft. Natalia Graf

Episode 25: Inspiring the Next Wave of Female Entrepreneurs ft. Natalia Graf


“Sales is huge for any business to get started. You’ve got to be able to get out and have the hustle, and then the digital marketing. So, what a great set of skills to bring into a market that had such a need for the apparel you’ve developed and it’s super cool.”


 – Andrea Jenson


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Joining me today is Natalia Graf. She is an entrepreneur with over 12 years of expertise in various businesses. She has a wealth of experience developing brands, products, and go-to-market plans for businesses. Natalia developed a digital marketing firm before launching her now seven-figure brand SYNC Equestrian, where she assisted businesses in expanding through brand creation and innovative advertising strategies. Using her skills in digital marketing, Natalia led the introduction of her own brand, which is now worn by many professionals and amateurs worldwide.

One of the things we’ll cover is having a warehouse for your inventory and what your game plan is if you don’t want to get a warehouse. Natalia thinks some people can even get away with getting storage rooms which are a lot cheaper than operating and owning an entire warehouse.

In this episode, we’ll discuss Natalia’s distinctive requirements for the things she makes, the future of her brand, and how she handled the pressures on her (personally) as an entrepreneur as her company has grown rapidly, and much more!

Join us to learn the whole story!


“I think the most beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is unpredictability. I don’t like routine and I love freedom, and I think the luxury for me also is freedom. Being a business owner in a digital space gives you a lot of freedom because we have built a machine that’s running itself in a way, 

So, sales are coming in, packages are going out, all those things are being handled, and I can focus on what I love to do, which is advertising.”


 – Natalia Graf


Inspiring the Next Wave of Female Entrepreneurs


Not so long ago, the thought of a woman owning a business would have been ridiculed. It’s not difficult to imagine given that there are still individuals who behave in such a manner, but times have undoubtedly changed. Many women have overcome the societal limitations that were placed on them during the past few decades and around the world to become powerful business executives.

Andrea believes that entrepreneurs like them are undoubtedly paving the way for the next generation of female entrepreneurs to emerge and simply explore what’s possible.


“I think entrepreneurs like us are definitely setting the path for the younger generation of female entrepreneurs to come up and just see what’s possible.

For them to kind of just say,

“Hey, I can do whatever I want to do as well.”


 – Andrea Jenson


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