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Episode 47: From Attorney to Entrepreneur: Andrea Sager of The Legalpreneur


Recurring revenue gives you that freedom, the ability to pursue other things, not constantly be in that sales hamster wheel.” 

– Andrea Sager

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Join me on this episode as I interview Andrea Sager, the co-founder of The Legalpreneur, a legal tech startup that supports small businesses. Andrea is a top-ranked trademark attorney in the United States and a serial entrepreneur. She shared her journey of transitioning from a high-paying legal job to launching her own business.

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“Recurring revenue gives you that freedom, the ability to pursue other things, not constantly be in that sales hamster wheel.”


Andrea Sager

Andrea’s Journey


Andrea Sager: Andrea shared her journey from law school to starting a clothing boutique to becoming a top-ranked trademark attorney. She explained her transition from a high-paying law firm to launching her own business, driven by a desire to help small businesses establish a solid legal foundation.

The Legalpreneur


Andrea discussed the services provided by The Legalpreneur, including flat-fee legal services such as trademarks, LLC filings, and contracts. She highlighted their commitment to transparency, offering unlimited access to attorneys and eliminating unexpected bills.

Balancing Life and Business


Andrea emphasized the importance of finding a work-life balance and having fun in entrepreneurship. She shared her personal experiences and the value of recurring revenue for business stability and when selling a business.

How to Learn More


Listeners were encouraged to visit, website and access a free business owners’ legal checklist to ensure their business is well-prepared for future growth or exit strategies.


“Your business is an asset created to generate revenue, to support your lifestyle, to create passive income.”


Andrea Sager 

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