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Episode 52: From Nightly Binges to Business Brilliance: How to Build True Freedom with Kelsea Koenrich

Episode 52: From Nightly Binges to Business Brilliance:

How to Build True Freedom with Kelsea Koenrich

If you want to do something great and big and wonderful, if you want to change, your first course of action should be, who’s coming with me? Who can help me? Who can show me?”


-Kelsea Koenreich


Welcome to a brand new episode of the Cash Flow CFO Podcast. Join me on this episode as I interview the incredible Kelsea Koenreich. Kelsea’s journey from nightly binge drinking and three arrests to becoming a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, wife, and mom of three is truly inspiring. She brings a unique perspective to the table, helping women tap into their potential by building true freedom through emotional intelligence.


Join us to learn the whole story!


“I believe that none of us are self-made. And I think that I owe everything to what I’ve built, what I’ve created, anything that I’ve done, I have not done by myself.”


-Kelsea Koenreich


Unveiling the Past: From Rocky Childhood to Rock Bottom


In our conversation, Kelsea shares her personal transformation and how she overcame a self-destructive path. Born and raised in Texas, her rocky childhood set the stage for a decade of experimentation and arrests. However, the turning point came when she decided to live intentionally, leaving behind destructive behaviors and embracing a journey of self-discovery.


The Road to Reinvention: Embracing Change and Purpose


Now, as a consultant, Kelsea specializes in working with service-based mom founders, guiding them through a process of assessing their businesses and creating sustainable solutions. Her approach involves clearing the clutter, formulating sustainable strategies, and uncovering unseen potentials. Kelsea emphasizes the importance of aligning personal and professional goals to achieve true success.


Data-Driven Growth: The Power of Strategy and Collaboration


We discuss the power of combining data and strategy to drive business growth and personal fulfillment. Kelsea highlights the need for women entrepreneurs to create a path that aligns with their desired lifestyle and challenges the traditional notion of success. She also stresses the importance of seeking help and building a dream team, combining the expertise of a CFO with strategic mentorship.


“There’s so much power in knowing and truly understanding your financial situation and there’s so much freedom of choice that comes when you know that.”


-Kelsea Koenreich



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