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Real Results, Real Growth

At The Cash Flow CFO, we believe in the power of real results and pride ourselves
on being more than just a Fractional CFO firm; we are your partners in profitability.
This page is dedicated to sharing the impactful stories of our clients, whose financial goals were met and exceeded through our collaboration.


Gretchen Arbini,

Crown Painting Inc.


“Hiring the cash flow CFO has been the best decision for my companies. They have cleaned my books, developed systems and given me insights I have never had. Now I am planning and strategizing for profits rather than being reactive in business decisions.”

Sarah Burlew,

Omlie Consulting


“I started working with Cash Flow CFO because I was impressed with their 5-step approach to accelerating profitability. I continue working with them because of the incredible team they provide, pecifically Jess and Mallary. Our fractional CFO, Jess, is incredibly thoughtful and challenges my thinking in the bestway possible…”

Mike Campion,

Founder of Grow My Service Company

“I just want to take a quick minute and share my amazing experience with Andrea Jenson. Obviously she’s smart when it comes to money, but more importantly, of all the vendors we have she’s probably the one I trust the most. I trust her with opinion, I trust her judgment and I always feel like she’s looking out for my best interest. Andrea charges not a small amount but a fair amount, and I have found her to always go above and beyond.”
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